I currently offer four programs: 12 Week Multiple Sclerosis 1-1 Health Coaching, 12 Week Multiple Sclerosis Group Health Coaching, 12 week Total Transformation, and 4 Week Cleanse. If your needs or preferences differ, connect with me and we can work together to find the right fit for you.

12 Week Multiple Sclerosis 1-1 Health Coaching

You have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis? Whether you know a lot about the disease or not, take medication or not, there is much that can be done to support the healing process. In the 12 Week Multiple Sclerosis 1-1 Health Coaching program we will focus on nourishment that supports your body so it can heal, movement that is fun and helps to regain (or maintain) your strength as well as how to decrease stress and enhance relaxation. This can be very different for everyone depending on your body, personality and everyday life. We will work together to create as much balance as possible.

12 Week Multiple Sclerosis Online Group Health Coaching

12 Week Multiple Sclerosis Group Health Coaching

The 12 Week Multiple Sclerosis Online Group Health Coaching program, will cover all steps from Dr. George Jelinek’s Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: The Evidence-Based 7 Step Recovery Program. In this coaching program, we will talk about why we want to change our nutrition, the benefits of movement, as well as the importance of stress reduction in the life of someone diagnosed with MS.  We will also cover vitamin D and other supplements, what we can do to prevent MS in family members and how to change our lifestyle for the rest of our lives.

This group coaching program was inspired by the desire to offer a lower cost option for participants without compromising the information and support but also provides the value of having a community (group coaching will be up to 10 people per class).

The OMS program is amazing and the charity has offered all information and resources they have available for free. Sometimes, a bit of accountability and additional support can go a long way!

If you are curious when the next round starts…

12 Week Total Transformation

Ingrid Adelsberger Total Transformation

In this 12 Week Total Transformation program, we look at your health goals and work on them in a holistic, well rounded way: essential nutrition and how you incorporate it daily, mindfulness in your life, your movement and activity level, and work on overcoming the obstacles along the way so you can achieve the goals that you would like to achieve.

“I found myself in a familiar position on my couch, glued to my couch, drinking too much coffee, and eating too much pizza and not being able to motivate myself to turn things around… I started working with Ingrid about 6 months ago and I have to say that I have made measurable considerable changes in my lifestyle.”
– Chhaya F.

4 Week Cleanse Program

Healthy Choices

In this 4 Week Cleanse program, we prep for a cleanse that is designed to your needs. It’s a gentle elimination diet that can be specified and individualized. Then you will receive support throughout the cleanse, as well as a post cleanse follow up call to talk about moving forward with new found insights that fit into your lifestyle.

“I was so surprised as to how I felt after a month’s cleanse. Eliminating inflammatory foods for 30 days re-energized me, improved my sleep patterns, decongested my nasal passages, cleared my skin, and helped my recovery after hard training days.”

– Stacy T.