What People Say

Below are stories from some of my clients. I hope they inspire you to believe that prioritizing and taking care of your health is not only possible, it can be a transformative, enjoyable, and revitalizing experience.

“I received so much guidance and support from Ingrid. I was fascinated by how changing what I ate affected me on many planes; physically, emotionally, energetically, even spiritually. Having an objective and knowledgeable sounding board, with the added benefit of personal experience is an amazing gift. Ingrid’s incredible compassion brought healing to my complex relationship with food. I encourage you to invest in yourself this way, you will be glad you did!”

“I loved the way Ingrid shared from her own experiences and insights. When sharing information about myself her responses never came from a place of judgement. She is a great listener which is hard to find these days; someone who will actively listen to your challenges and provide guidance through them. Her knowledge in nutrition often surprised me as she would always have a new fact or info to share. Ingrid has a way to bring some fun into sessions which makes working through challenges lighter.”

“I never imagined myself needing a health coach. As a psychologist who has been in practice for 22 years and spent 12 years in analytic treatment, believe me, health coaching was the last thing I thought I’d need or want. Nor did I really understand its value. I was used to a lot of talk and blah blah blah with little to no commitment to a particular goal. But life has a way, and it sure threw some curve balls my way, and I found myself battling several health challenges along with severe burnout and probably trauma that left me with a bad case of inertia despite my sole attempts to engage in a healthy lifestyle. However, with the skilled, creative, intuitive nature of my work with Ingrid, I’ve been able to make more progress and begin to see things from a “what’s going right?” perspective rather than “what needs to be fixed”.

I met Ingrid at a 5Rhythms workshop which I was managing to get myself to. In my 50’s, depressed, not taking or even knowing how to take care of myself well with gastroparesis and an immune disorder, I found myself at a real cross point. I found myself in a familiar position on my couch, glued to my couch, drinking too much coffee, and eating too much pizza and not being able to motivate myself to turn things around, I opened an email from Ingrid. Divine intervention it was for sure. I started working with Ingrid about 6 months ago and I have to say that I have made measurable considerable changes in my lifestyle.

She structured the sessions for me which was immensely helpful and would send me both a summary of what we discussed, as well as action steps I was going to do for that week. Sometimes, she sent me some recipes which were helpful in getting on a healthier eating pattern. She also did what I could have (head in sand, maybe?) and researched gastroparesis for me and found tips to make eating both physically easier and more pleasurable. I find her to be knowledgeable and talented and with a beautiful sensitivity where she could pick up subtle emotional cues as well. I recommend her to anyone needing a cheerleader in their corner who will be present through ups and downs and who is skilled with a delightful sense of humor. A+”

“After many years of mindful eating and an intense training schedule as a triathlete, I thought I was dialed in and well aware of the appropriate foods to improve performance. I was so surprised as to how I felt after a month’s cleanse. Eliminating inflammatory foods for 30 days re-energized me, improved my sleep patterns, decongested my nasal passages, cleared my skin, and helped my recovery after hard training days. So many benefits!!! Ingrid took into account the number of calories I was used to eating and worked with me to replace some food items with others, so I wouldn’t go hungry. She asked all the right questions and listened to my responses. Our weekly check-ins were very important to keep me on track. Ingrid was and still is-super supportive. She has tremendous knowledge and can relate to a number of individuals with a variety of needs. Thank You Ingrid!”

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